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The .NET Core Podcast

Jan 20, 2023

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Welcome to season 5 of the award-winning .NET Core Podcast! Check that link for proof.

Hello everyone and welcome to The .NET Core Podcast is a podcast where we reach into the core of the .NET technology stack and, with the help of the .NET community, present you with the information that you need in order to grok the many moving parts of one of the biggest cross-platform, multi-application frameworks on the planet.

I am your host, Jamie "GaProgMan" Taylor. In this episode, I talked with Dave Glick about Statiq which is a static site generator - although calling it static site generator, as we'll see, is quite reductive. We also talk about the JAM Stack, static sites, and how most websites don't actually need something like ASP .NET Core or WordPress generating pages at request time. We also talk about a very small selection of some of the things that you can use Statiq to generate - why not check it out today?

Along the way, Dave dispels some of the common misconceptions of statically generated vs completely dynamically generated websites (i.e. pages generated ahead of time vs pages generated at request time), and I talk about how the website for the show is generated ahead of time, and some of the benefits that the community of listeners get from that. This is a conversation that both Dave and I could have kept going with for hours, but we've agreed to come back to it another day in order to explore further.

The full show notes, including links to some of the things we discussed and a full transcription of this episode, can be found at

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