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The Modern .NET Show

Mar 3, 2023

This episode is sponsored in part by Entity.Services. It creates enterprise-level, cloud-ready source code based on a simple configuration.

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Welcome to season 5 of the award-winning .NET Core Podcast! Check that link for proof.

Hello everyone and welcome to THE .NET Core Podcast. An award-winning podcast where we reach into the core of the .NET technology stack and, with the help of the .NET community, present you with the information that you need in order to grok the many moving parts of one of the biggest cross-platform, multi-application frameworks on the planet.

I am your host, Jamie "GaProgMan" Taylor. In this episode, Mark J Price returns for the third time. We talked about his new books "C# 11 and .NET 7 - Modern Cross-Platform Development Fundamentals" and "Apps and Services with .NET 7". For most people, writing one technical book in a year would be a monumental task, but Mark wanted to write two: one for people who want to grok the fundamentals of C# 11 .NET 7, and one for people who wanted to get their hands dirty and learn about the many different types of apps that you can write with .NET 7.

Along the way, Mark and I swapped into teacher mode and discussed a little about how .NET is becoming more accessible to students and new developers. We also chatted about ChatGPT (which was brand new at the time of recording) and how other machine-learning-based content generators will likely change the worlds of art, prose, and development.

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